Rehearsing for Post-capitalist Futures

During a micro residency at the gallery Eastside Projects in Birmingham I explored existing models and methods of group leadership through researching local group facilitators, such as a boxing coach, yoga instructor, and art therapy group. I documented these practices using video and sound recordings, taking note specifically on how they instruct the group. My intention is now to develop a workshop for ‘collective futures’ that adapts and enacts these techniques. Underlining this project is the idea that what we need for post-capitalist futures already exist within the everyday. By studying existing technologies used in group work, I hope to adopt and consider how they may be taken forward into post-capitalism.

For the exhibition EOP Summer Camp a Eastside Projects I created a sculpture out of found objects in the gallery, with the text ‘rehearsing for post-capitalist futures’. I found a hole traditionally used for the gallery walls to place the sign in. This sculpture is a metaphor for the thinking behind the work; a transportable sign that might demarcate the present as a rehearsal for the future.

Image by Stuart Whipps